Longer Corporate Lets

  • Posted on: 9 October 2017
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Longer Corporate Lets

Your own apartment from £25.00 per night (based on two people sharing)
Here at StreetsAhead Self Catering we understand the needs of businesses requiring Serviced Accommodation for their employees, or people needing slightly longer term accommodation but without the tie in of a six month tenancy.

We already provide Serviced and Non Serviced Self Catering Accommodation for the medium to long term, to customers and employers that require more than just a hotel room for their employees. We also cater for people moving between houses and provide temporary accommodation in emergency situations. As most business have found out, a prolonged stay in a hotel or B&B can significantly reduce the morale of the employee and performance levels can be affected.

With our medium term pricing plans we can ensure that your business can make significant savings from the cost of hotels or B&B accommodation, and you can demonstrate to your employees that you really consider their welfare and happiness in choosing their accommodation.

Our prices start from £350 per week for a two bedroom apartment, and don't forget that it includes all Council Tax, Telephone, TV Licence, Cable TV channels and Broadband Internet Access.

That's £25.00 per night each with two people sharing!
Far cheaper than a hotel room and far superior in level of facilities and space. Don't forget that with fully equipped kitchens, your employees can make extra savings from cooking their own meals and the convenience of being able to do their own laundry. With two bathrooms it means that no one has to share a toilet or bathroom during their stay.

Families can also make significant savings over the cost of larger family rooms in hotels, and the apartments are equipped to ensure that you can continue to operate as a family unit together under one roof without any fuss.

At a glance prices for a 2 Bedroom Apartment in the city for up to 2 people sharing

:: 6 week bookings from £350.00 per week.

:: 4 week bookings from £399.00 per week.

If you are a family with children, or for groups of more than 2 people please call us for a price.

The tailored packages we offer mean that whatever you accommodation needs are, StreetsAhead Self Catering can provide you the right solution in terms of price, service and quality of accommodation.

Contact us now and you can save valuable time in your planning and preparation.
StreetsAhead Self Catering
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Are You Wondering What Yoyos Terraria Are? Know More About it Here!

  • Posted on: 7 February 2017
  • By: admin

If you have the PC version of Terraria, then you should definitely continue reading on. Many people are aware that yoyos are toys. Well, not in the case of yoyos terraria. When you start playing with yoyos terraria then you will find out that yoyos terraria are more than just toys. Learn more about Best yoyos on yoyoguide.com.

What are yoyos terraria?

Yoyos terraria are actually weapons. These yoyos terraria are melee weapons that are most commonly described as Flail-like. Much like what you do when you play with real yoyos, yoyos terraria are thrown and can be controlled. However, in traditional yoyo playing, you normally do not throw yoyos at enemies. Inasmuch as yoyos terraria are weapons, you actually throw them at enemies.

What Does yoyos terraria Consist of?

Each yoyos terraria basically have:

Source – this is where you can find yoyos terraria so that you can fashion them for playing;
Speed – this all about how fast yoyos terraria can attack as a weapon;
Reach – playing yoyos terraria is not simply about speed. Your yoyos terraria must be able to reach your target or they will be useless;
Velocity – as a weapon, it is important that yoyos terraria maintain a high velocity to ensure that when you fire the yoyos terraria, firing will be fast enough;
Duration – this is equally important because you need yoyos terraria back after you have thrown them;
Damage – since yoyos terraria are weapons, expect that they will get damaged and there’s a limit to the damage it can withstand without any modifiers; and
Knockback – just like any weapon, yoyos terraria can either be weak or strong in knocking off enemies. Hence, it is very important that you choose well yoyos terraria that you should use to attack.

When playing with yoyos terraria only one thing really matters–that you hit your target and you damage the target. That is called critical chance. Why else would you be playing with yoyos terraria.


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