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Welcome to StreetsAhead
We are a well established provider of quality self catering accommodation in Glasgow and now have expanded to Edinburgh. Our range of properties includes city centre serviced apartments, houses with off road parking and private gardens, and apartments in the city suburbs, all of which have excellent transport links and facilities.

Our properties have been furnished to a high standard and most have been independently graded by the regional Tourist Board. They provide a versatile alternative to Hotel or Bed & Breakfast accommodation, often at a lower price. Combined with our flexible policy of choosing your own start and finish dates, our serviced apartments/ self catering properties make an ideal choice for both business users and families.

Whether you are attending a conference, working locally short term, enjoying a city break or for a main family holiday, we can provide you with all your self catering accommodation needs, and are confident that once you have tried StreetsAhead Self Catering in Glasgow and Edinburgh you will never want to restrict yourself to a room in hotel or bed & breakfast establishment again.

We can advise on the many visitor attractions and events, in our city centres including museums, exhibitions, best shopping, restaurants and live entertainment. We also feature special offers and invite you to receive updates and special offers through our regular newsletter.

For this, and for friendly and expert advice on any other aspect of your stay with us, please ring 0141 644 1066 or use our contact us enquiry form.

Mark Your Calendar for the CRISPR Conference

  • Posted on: 17 April 2018
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Have you been in a conference? If so, what are your experiences in that event? A lot of people today who happened to attend a conference will surely claim satisfied, it is one moment that you should try or experienced as it brings a lot of advantages in which you can utilize on growing in the field or industry you've worked with.

What Can You Gain?

You might spend your time and money upon attending this event or any conference but surely you will realize at the end of the day it is worth it, simply because.

• You will be able to go out of your comfort zone or out in the office to free your mind from rush papers or assignments.
• You will learn new things, updated facts that you can use in your work.
• You will meet different types of people or individual who have the same mindset as yours.
• You will have a chance to meet great speakers who can help or motivates you in many aspects.
• You will experience a day with full of fun and knowledge in which you will regret if you fail on going with.
• You will develop more of your knowledge and become more confident
• You’ll able to refresh some of your inner thoughts or ideas and become more inspired.

Obviously, conference, meetings or seminars is a must to attend and if you are looking for that similar event then you should visit this website and registered for a crispr conference.

This said the event will be held on June 6-8, 2018 wherein a number of great speakers are ready to share its expertise with all their guest. Each speaker has their own funds or areas to discuss, allowing you to learn well or ask questions if you want to. Hence, mark your calendar and have fun in this conference.


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